Monday, February 23, 2009

Vintage find of the week..........

It's no secret, I'm a total sucker for cool vintage graphics. I especially love packaging...and this love leads me to buy lots of weird things just for the pretty package. This carpet/stain cleaning kit is just a prime example of some sweet mid-century graphics, and it looks like a briefcase.

I found this box sitting on a shelf at the local thrift store and it was calling me like the siren song. I wasn't dissapointed upon opening......everything is still here, and most of the bottles are nearly full!

Urin-X is my favorite. (Yeah, mentally I'm 12.) It just sounds so futuristic somehow. Plus, I like how the man on the urine bottle is yellow!!

The 'dial a spot' stain remover guide is almost like something from a game. I guess you could make a game out of removing spots......I like the arrow.

The little cleaning brochure is pretty swank. It has a good looking rancher on the front and right above that is a kinda freeform office building. Tres moderne. The inside is full of awesome illustrations of carpeting and Eames type furniture.

Every good product has a coupon for future use. I think this one expired, oh, nearly 51 years ago. August 31, 1957. Oops. The coupon looks like a ticket for a drawing of some sort. The postage on this little thing..........3 cents.

I haven't tried to use any of this on my carpets, though, I'm sorely tempted to give it a go. I did open one bottle and the smell nearly knocked me out. I wonder what Service Master would do if I tried to return this for a refund.......