Thursday, March 4, 2010

New stuff on flickr....

Well not new as in today, but fairly recent. I did manage to scan some stuff and post it on flickr last month. Hopefully I'll have some energy to post some new things soon. This batch has vintage music ads, packaging & toys.

Item of the week

Forgive my absence. I've been trying to recoup from this last Crohn's bout. It's been slow going around here, I just don't have any energy. (I partially blame Mars retrograde.) This flare isn't really settling down the way I'd like it to. Just got off another round of Prednisone and I'm waiting for the Imuran to take effect. Crossing fingers it does, I really do not want to go back on biologics.

Okay, enough of that! On to the item of the week.
Sweet little 1930s filigree & clear crystal necklace.
Perfect for a wedding, prom or just because you feel like it!

click the to go to the Etsy listing. If you send me a convo saying you saw it on here, I'll give you free shipping!