Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Like It When Everyone Is Drunk

I am always fascinated with vintage items that feature loveable drunks. This box of Crazy Cartoon Coasters celebrates lushdom with some whimsical mid century illustrations.

Looks like the man on the lower left has actually achieved every professional drinker's dream.......residency inside the bottle.

This batch features a few fighting drunks, one fake abstainer, and one failed sobriety test.

Look at the poor paranoid crying drunk. One more for the road is so bladdered he's practically flying. Also of note: hallucinating pink elephants is awesome.

This one is my favorite drunk guy. He is striking a jaunty pose, one bare foot. I don't want to know where his shoes went, they are the same place his shirt is. His cigarette is half ash, and the man is mostly booze. 3/4 full. Clearly he is having a great sloppy time, cos he's a casual drinker! Get it? Casual.....drinker.........hahaha.

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