Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Happy 2010! This year I have decided that I will try to give this blog some attention. Last year I had such high hopes, but I got quickly overwhelmed.
I'm not positive of the exact direction I'm going with it, but I think I want to make this blog a mix of all the things I love and live with on a day to day basis.
Can't wait to see where we are on Jan 1st 2011!

Top 5 New Year Goals
I'll say goals because they sound like less pressure than resolution.

1. Keep up on above ;)

2. Learn to take better pictures. I need to make a light box and really learn my camera inside and out.

3. Work on my website. CapricornOneVintage I would like that to be fully functional in the next few months.

4. Be more organized. In my workspace and living space. I'm a terrible pack rat and clutter collector. Is it really that hard to throw it out or put it away? (yes)

5. Eat a bit healthier. I have crohn's disease and eat gluten free, potato free, soy free & mostly dairy free. There are so many good foods availiable that are pre packaged, but it would be in my best interest to learn some better recipes.

I hope if you have some goals or resolutions that you are able to meet them head on and make this a fantastic year and lovely start to a whole new decade!