Monday, July 1, 2013

When the 60s Got UGLY.....

1969/70 fall and winter western auto catalog

Early American style furniture. blech! I remember my grandparents having some of this crap (sans the hideous pattern) in their living room. They also had a dining room set.

Why on earth would anyone want reproductions of 'authentic colonial furniture' when there was stylish SPACE AGE MODERN furniture available?!!!!

This is much more like it!

1969/70 fall and winter western auto catalog

I've put up some scans from the 1969/70 fall and winter Western Auto catalog on flickr (click to go there!)


  1. Oh boy, the title says it all really doesn't it! So close, but so far away! haha

    1. yes! lol.
      i've spent countless hours trying to figure out exactly where and why it went so wrong....